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Looking Forward to 2024 Grant Cycle

With the record-setting $270,000 in grant awards distributed in June, we are now looking forward to the 2024 grant cycle. The funds available for 2024 grants will be announced early next year. The amount is roughly determined by the balance in the Pass-Through Fund at the end of the year, augmented by 5% of the WGC Endowment Fund. Right now, we are in the fund-building phase as try to maximize the dollars that will be made available for 2024 grant awards. Watch for our year-end appeal next month as we make a final push to grow our grant fund.

For more information about WGC finances and grants, we encourage you to take a look at our 2022 Year In Review.

Fun fact: Unless otherwise stipulated by the donor, donations are allocated 80% to the Pass-Through Fund and 20% to the Endowment Fund. Members are always welcome to stipulate a different custom allocation of their gift.

The 2024 Grants Committee is now forming and WGC members are encouraged to apply. Our grant committee members find their service to be enlightening and rewarding, as they act as the stewards of the funds donated by our members. If you are interested in serving on the Grants Committee, please contact Peg McGreevy, our Grants Chair, at

For more information about the Women's Giving Circle Grants program: see



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