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What is the Pink Circle Society?


Membership in the Pink Circle Society is the recognition of a donor's plan to leave a lasting legacy that benefits the Women's Giving Circle of Frederick County through a planned gift. Pink Circle Society members need not be members of the Women's Giving Circle.

Membership in the WGC Pink Circle Society qualifies the donor for the Community Foundation's Cornerstone Society.

What is a planned gift?


A planned gift is a contribution that is activated as part of your estate. It can be set up as a bequest, a charitable trust, a charitable gift annuity, an estate plan,  life insurance policy, or designated endowment fund.


A bequest is one of the  most straightforward methods of planned giving. With the help of your advisor, you can include language in your will or trust specifying that a gift be made to the Women's Giving Circle via the Community Foundation of Frederick County as part of your estate plan.

Your options for making a bequest include:

  1. Gift of a specific dollar amount or asset

  2. Gift of a percentage of your estate

  3. Gift from the balance or residue of your estate

  4. Primary or secondary beneficiary designation of certain assets

How do I make a bequest?

How do I get more information and sign on to be a member of the Pink Circle Society?


To learn more about planned giving to benefit the Women's Giving Circle, and to signal your intention to participate, please submit the electronic form below.  If you would prefer to fill out and email the form, you may download it.

If you'd like to discuss your plans or have additional questions, contact Betsy Day, president of the Community Foundation of Frederick County, at (301) 695-7660 or by email.

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