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In support of its mission, goals have been established to guide the programs, processes and organization that define the work of the Women's Giving Circle.

  1. Expand philanthropic and leadership opportunities that encourage and increase giving by local women

  2. Contribute toward the improvement of the emotional, educational, financial and physical well being of women of all ages who are in challenging or dangerous situations

  3. Create a community of philanthropic awareness of the needs of women

  4. Create an ongoing flexible fund for current grants, while also creating a permanent fund as a growing, evolving legacy

  5. Award grants based on specific criteria established by the Circle

  6. Aid women with immediate needs by providing funds for emergencies and short-term requirements to selected organizations that provide appropriate assistance

  7. Provide for the Circles's future by continuing to engage new contributors and attracting legacy members

  8. Teach subsequent generations about philanthropy and bring youth into Circle Programs

  9. Solicit grants from other local, regional, national and international sources

  10. Invite interested men to donate to and participate in Circle efforts

  11. Remain flexible to alter/modify the Circle's course appropriately for continued success

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