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2024 Women's Giving Circle Grant Announcement

On behalf of the 2024 Women's Giving Circle Grants Committee, we are pleased to announce the grants that have been funded this year. Click on the button below to view our 2024 Grant Awards.

We received 48 grant proposals from 38 organizations totaling $1,026,572 in grant requests. This is a 146% increase in funding requests compared to last year. After thorough consideration and careful deliberation, our committee selected 22 projects from 14 organizations that most closely align with our mission and demonstrate significant potential for positive impact within our community. Combined, these organizations will be awarded $275,000.

These grants have been approved by the membership of the Women's Giving Circle of Frederick County and by the Community Foundation of Frederick County.

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude and appreciation to the 14 dedicated members of our Grants Committee: Stephanie Fitch (Vice Chair), Mary Bellamy, Valerie Boltz, Janice Deiulius, Stephanie Holder, Billie Homberg, Natalie Gipson, Vicki Lee, Kim Lenta, Marita Loose, Emilie Routzahn, Leslie Ruby, Paulette Shockey, and Katy Warehime. Their unwavering dedication, keen insights, and steadfast commitment have been instrumental in ensuring a rigorous and fair evaluation process. Each member brought a unique perspective to the table, enriching our discussions and guiding us towards decisions that reflect the values of our organization. We are incredibly fortunate to have such a passionate and dedicated group.

We are also grateful to Diana Fulchiron, Director of Community Impact of the Community Foundation of Frederick County, and Shanté Frazier, Community Impact Manager, who supported our committee throughout the application and evaluation process. Thanks also to Betsy Day, President and CEO of the Community Foundation for her continued support of the Giving Circle. The Community Foundation of Frederick County expertly provides the financial management of the Giving Circle's funds.

We will be awarding the 2024 grants at our Annual Grant Awards Celebration on June 12. Register by June 5 to join us at:

For more information about the Women's Giving Circle Grants program: see

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