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July 2023 Membership Corner

Welcome to the new members who have joined the Giving Circle since our last eNewsletter: Cheryl Cioffi, Lexi Cioffi, Meg Kula, Christine Limparis, Elizabeth Peppe, Pamela Price, Maria Taylor, and the Law Office of Lena Clark, LLC.

With the addition of these members, the WGC membership now includes 462 members who believe in the power of collective giving.

According to the recent update to our bylaws, the Giving Circle has defined a new membership level in recognition of our most generous members. Now that our organization is nearly 18 years old, it was inevitable that the members who have consistently donated would surpass our highest level by a wide margin. The new membership level is Hope Diamond and it is reserved for those members who have donated over $30,000 to the Giving Circle.

We would like to recognize the following members at this new level: Wendy Miller, Ellen Perkins (deceased), Helen Reinsch (deceased), Lisa Remsberg, and two anonymous members.

In addition to our new Hope Diamond members, we'd like to thank Billie Homberg who advanced to the Pink Diamond level ($10,000-$19,999) recently. 

If you are not a current member of the Circle, we would love to have you join us. Membership in the Giving Circle is open to all and a growing membership is critical to the continued funding of our grant program. For more information on WGC membership, including special options for Junior (under age 21), young (under age 35), and organizational members, see our membership page or contact membership chair Angela Chase at Angela would be thrilled to connect with prospective new members either in-person or via email, phone, or Zoom. 

We introduced 16 new members at our Annual Grant Awards Celebration!

L to R (seated, front) Kristen Watkins, Beth Peppe, Laurel Caurvina (standing) Angela Chase

L to R (seated, middle) Lena Clark, Alison Bomba, Pamela Price, Constance Baptist, Stephanie Holder

L to R, standing: Kimba Green, Julie Krzysiak, Jane Dallimore, Lexi Cioffi, Cheryl Cioffi

Not pictured: Sarah Hurwitz Robey, Betsy Cowperthwaite, and Stacey Krantz


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