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2020 Membership Survey

We are very pleased to share the results of the 2020 Women's Giving Circle member survey with you. Your thoughtful feedback is very valuable to us as we look into the future of this organization of generous and community-minded women.

The results of the survey are being incorporated into both short-term and long-term planning so that we can best serve the interests of our membership and the effectiveness of the organization in fulfilling its mission.

You can read through the Executive Summary for yourselves, but our conclusion is that you are passionate about our mission and generally positive about our focus and operational processes. However, you also have some GREAT ideas on how we can improve to grow our organization, engage our membership, and ultimately maximize our funding of the nonprofit organizations in our community that care for and empower women.

The WGC Leadership Circle is profoundly grateful for the time and attention of our members in completing our survey.


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